Two Sides

Sometimes i wish if i was a princess.
I love fairytale and i want have a happily ever after life. With lovely people around me, especialy the Charming Prince. I don't care if i have a "killer" step mother and sisters. I don't care if i must sleep about a hundred years. I don't care if i met The Beast. I don't care if i eat a poison apple.

Until someday i found my "real" life.
I woke up from my fairytale's dreams and figure out that i am the lucky one. Yes. I AM. I have a family who always support me. I have many friends and laugh with them all day (it can make my problems suddenly dissapear). I have an unique life that no one exept me, can life on. So, where is my Prince Charming? Well, i think he's preparing his white horse. Haha. Yeah, this is two combination. My life, and my fairytale life. I don't care. I really don't care about anything my back. Because life is too short if you just think about the past and that "it girl". I must have my opinion, my own think. That's way im different with other girls. Thanks God. Thanks for everything that happened to me. :)

"i don’t wanna miss a greatest thing I’ll have today. suddenly I thank God im still alive in this beautiful day"
-Endah n Rhesa, Catch The Windblows-

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  1. hehehe ... ^^

    YEAH! Because the real life is MORE FANTASTIC than a fairy tale. We just don't know yet, but i believe that something good will come if we brave enough to believe...

    Life is precious! =D