Couldn't Ask For More

Yesterday was a pleasure saturday night from me after all i've been through. No one except me, my tourquise laptop, a lot of movies, and snack. I laugh out until cry and eat a lot until sleep. No one could cheer me up like Glee did!!. Yeah, i saw 2 recent Glee episode and fallin with the story. I am a Gleek babe!!

Watching my favourite man on Glee, Mike Chang, do duet with Artie covered Michael Jackson's "Scream". This is awsome but i think it's like Suju mv or something (i don't really like boyband-boyband-an ;p)

Listening to Quinn's song. I like it when the supporting character on Glee do their solo.

Like this one. I forgot the episode but i can't get enough listening to this song. Santana is my favourite girl character on Glee. She's beautiful yet mean that makes me laugh and angry in the same time. Her voice are amazing. She deserved to get a lot of solo!! Rachel, you better watch out! :p

And finally this one,
Will propose Emma. It's romantic but i can't stop laugh when i saw Sue gave a flower to Emma. It's not like Sue that i know ;p

Those are two sweet episode that i ever saw on Glee. Sounds weird but i still feel a little "galau". Haha. I don't know, maybe because of this?

Finn also propose Rachel
I think this is not the right time for Finn to propose Rachel. They are still teenager. You know what i mean, teenager. Well, i'm a kind of person that 100% believe of marriage. I think Finn and Rachel will be together someday but i think this is too fast and too far for you Finn. We'll see how it's work! Ah, can't wait to see the next episode!!

this is the only thing that i can do when i don't have anyone to share and no one reply my message. sigh.

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