Sunday Favorite Links

Happy Sunday! Sunday is one of my favorite day after saturday and red-date day! Haha, it means that i don't need to work and 100% have a family (or my) quality time. As I can't live without my gadget because so much things (article, website, pics, gifs, etc) i can find on the internet, an idea comes. Why can't I share some of my favorite article in this blog? So here the lists of my favorite:

This article wrote by Ali Mese, a starup marketer. This article tells us about his struggle after he decided to quit his job. Yes, a lot of people that I know always say about quiting their job (including me, sometimes ;p). Well, I already did it once, and it really f*cked my life. No, I'm not growing bussiness like Ali did but the pressure from many people about my decision, and a title "jobless" slowly killing me. So i recomended you, you, you, and you, to think twice before quiting your job and do a prepare like Ali said. Please, consider it first.

The First galau-ing probelem for people in my age is: passion vs living. Am I good enough to purse my passion as my living income? Can I do it? What do I choose? and lalalalalala never ending question season 9. From this moth issue "Work", Tavi Gevinson and her team summarize the topic by interviewing some people who live their live from their passion. A must read item.

Traveling Precils is my daily reads. I love to read how Mbak Ade and her family traveling with low budget, around the world. In this blog you can also find itinerary and useful tips for traveling. Read her blog made me inspire me to do the same thing: traveling with my future kids. hihi :3

Yep, that's all for this week! See you next week! ;D

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