Sunday Favorite Links

This is fun. Everytime I surf the internet and read a good blog or find a beautiful video, I always think about this content, Sunday Favorite Links. Well today I'm gonna share some links about exploring yourself. It related to my new content: Self Explore that you can read here. So, here they are

Michelle Phann is a phenomenon. She spread the spirit of beuty through her blogs and videos. This 11 minutes episode will blown up your mind and make your eyes wide open about girls, pressures, and definition of confident. Don't wait any longer, click the link AFTER you finish read this post ;p.

As an expired teenager (;p), this article sums up my 20's life. Yes, it's beautifully writen by the beautiful Michelle Phann. Gosh, why you can doing so much inspirational stuff, Michelle?? And this is my favorite point so far:
10) Your career isn’t who you are - What you do for work is not your entire identity. It is a fraction of what makes you who you are, and if you don’t take time to enjoy or connect with other things, you’ll miss out on so much in life. Hard work does pays off, but life deserves balance and clocking 12-15 hours a day won’t allow you that opportunity.
As I said before, health food and exercise is now a lifestyle. As a 'natural' woman, I don't take it too seriously, despite of my laziness. But just yesterday my friend tell me that i change. My face and 'aura' is a little bit faint. And it's because of my bad lifestyle. I ate a lot and NEVER get exercise. I don't control what I eat. So I wanna change. And this article is motive me well ;)

Well, enough for today. I hope those links help you. And I will very appriciated if you write down some comment on my blog post. Hihihi ^^

Seee you soon!


Is It Important to Set Goals?

What's your purpose on life? Di usia segini kok kayaknya masih ada banyak aja hal-hal yang mau dilakukan :D Yes, I'm agree that passion doesn't always count on age, but we, must look really close as we're facing reality. Sometimes it bites, sometimes don't. Well, nggak seseram itu sebenarnya, tapi di tengah-tengah hari menjelang deadline rasanya seperti apa yang sudah saya perjuangkan selama ini layak dilepaskan. Perasaan-perasaan nggak menentu itu datang dengan kemungkinan yang masih kecil. Berpikir melantur kesana-kesini, berandai-andai jika ada langkah lain yang "lebih pantas" untuk diambil. Walau malam itu selalu saya tutup dengan kembali ke garis besar komitmen yang saya titipkan di ibukota ini, namun perasaan-perasaan aneh itu selalu ada. And by that point, goals is very important.
Setting goals allows you to choose how you want to move through life. Some achievements can take a lifetime to attain, while others can be completed in the course of a day. Setting and meeting goals leads to feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment. 
My goals becomes more realistic every year. I usually put it on pinboard, notebook, or post it to my wall. Attach them not in a higher place, but in a place that I can see everyday. I'm a procrastinator type of people. My only wish since i was 14 is to publish a book. Ideas come and go, but I always dissappointed my self with some excuse that later i regret. At this point, dicipline is very important.
Pernah dengar ungkapan rumput tetangga selalu tampak lebih hijau? Yes, itu juga menjadi salah satu alasan melencengnya sebuah tujuan atau goals. Kalau sedang mengalami ha ini biasanya saya puas-puasin dulu, ambil waktu buat benar-benar mengaggumi "rumput tetangga". Setelah itu, baru saya introspeksi pada diri sendiri. Apa yang sudah saya lakukan hingga titik ini? Pengorbanan apa yang sudah saya lakukan? Bagaimana efeknya jika saya menyerah sekarang? Pokoknya pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang kembali menimbulkan semangat :)

Kalau masih belum ngefek juga, ada sebuah metode yang mungkin bisa dicoba: SMART.
S: Specific -> answer your goals with 5W+1H 
M: Measurable -> goals should be quantifiable, guys. Daripada ngomong "gw mau kurus" mendingan ngomong "gw mau hidup lebih sehat dengan nggak jajan gorengan, mengurangi makan mi instan, dan jogging tiap pagi selama 10 menit)
A: Attainable -> as I said it before, be realistic! Honest with your self while setting goals. It helps.
R: Relevant -> Try to ask this questions to yourself: does my goals seem worthwhile? does this match my needs?
T: Time-Related -> set a due date for your goals to keeps you on track.

And the most important things:

Keep on your track but don't be affraid of innovation. Nggak ada waktu terlambat untuk belajar dan mewujudkan mimpi. Jangan jadikan bad bood sebagai alasan nggak "produktif". Selagi masih muda, selagi masih bisa! Yeaaah! :D